In a time where it has perhaps never been more vital, trust in our financial institutions is in short supply. This is a major threat to the future financial well being of millions. We must restore trust to its rightful place at the centre of all conduct by our financial institutions and we must restore peoples' belief in that conduct.

The Question of Trust is an independent campaign which aims to start that rebuilding process. Supported by the Institute of Financial Planning, Credit Action, the multiple award winning Financial Adviser newspaper and Nottingham University, it has already been cited as 'one of the most important campaigns to come out of the retail financial sector since the 1986 Financial Services Act'.

This campaign is not just about the financial services industry however, it is about all of us, and we're asking everyone to sign up, get involved and hear about the developments of the campaign as they arise.

In the interests of millions of savers, investors and the future wealth of our nation, we need to start a dialogue. The best way to do that is to ask the question – how do we rebuild trust?

With our partners below, we're already working on the answers.

Shane Mullins
CEO, Fiscal Engineers
Founder - The Question of Trust Campaign

Nick Cann
CEO, Institute of Financial Planning
Founder - The Question of Trust Campaign

Supported from the start by... Institute of Financial Planners Credit Action FT Adviser Financial Services Research Forum Fiscal Engineers